Children’s Dentistry

The earlier children have access to preventative care, the less likely they are to experience decay, dental emergencies and fear of the dentist’s office.

Our primary goal is to help children feel comfortable and educate parents about their child’s oral health needs. Through early preventative visits, we can gain your child’s trust and establish a rapport with them. As they grow and become more accustomed to exams, cleans and similar steps, they’ll look on their time fondly rather than associate it with something uncomfortable.

Your Child’s First Checkup

We highly recommend bringing your baby in for a checkup from the moment their first tooth comes in and every six months thereafter. Since so many dental conditions begin during childhood, preventative care is essential to a healthy smile. During these brief visits, we’ll work at your child’s pace to provide age-appropriate treatments.

Some children jump right in to wanting their teeth ‘counted’ and cleaned. Others may prefer playing with the dental mirror while we briefly glance into their mouth. As we discuss concerns with parents, we can identify potential risk factors and advise hygiene methods to set their child up for success.

When your child leaves, we’ll have a small goody bag for them to take with them. And both of you will have the information and advice necessary to help your child enjoy healthy teeth for years to come.
What We’re Screening For
During your child’s checkup, we’ll want to evaluate how their teeth bite together and the spacing in-between. We’ll also discuss any habits such as thumb or finger sucking, as they can impact the eruption patterns and oral development of your child’s future smile. Occasional X-rays are useful for orthodontic evaluations and identifying anomalies such as missing teeth and cavities. If for any reason your child has extensive treatment needs or special medical concerns that warrant the need for general anaesthetic, we can refer your family to a specialist for care.
Oral Hygiene for Children
Encourage your child to brush if they like. But until they’re able to tie their own shoes, you’ll want to follow up behind them at least twice a day. Brush your child’s teeth in a circular pattern for two minutes at a time, paying particular attention to the gumlines and chewing surfaces. It’s also important to floss between teeth that are touching side-by-side. As your child gains better dexterity they can brush and floss on their own, as long as you check on their progress.
Fissure Sealants and Fluoride
To better combat areas of tooth decay, we highly recommend a fluoride application after each scale and clean. Fluoride strengthens enamel to make it more resistant to bacteria and decay.

Additionally, fissure sealants applied to permanent (adult) molars can lower your child’s risk of cavities on those teeth. Sealants take just a couple of minutes to place and no numbing is necessary. They’re best for the first and second set of permanent molars, which erupt around the ages of 6 and 12, respectively.


From infants to teens, our children’s dentistry services are tailored to your family’s unique needs. Contact us today to schedule.
Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.