Emergency Dentistry

Have a toothache? We’ll do everything we can to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Our primary focus is to see emergency patients on the same day, even if it means having to meet you after hours. From the moment you arrive, we’ll do everything possible to alleviate your discomfort. When you’re finally out of pain, we can discuss the diagnosis of your tooth and what long-term treatment options are available

Common Dental Emergencies Treated

Some of the most frequent emergency appointments we see include situations like
If you’re unable to eat, go to work/school or perform normal daily activities, then your emergency should be seen to straight away. Even if that means we only provide interim relief and then have to follow up with a more long-term restorative therapy.
Looking to the Future
A majority of dental emergencies are caused by existing, untreated diseases. Perhaps there was a cavity or abscess that wasn’t looked after or you were unable to get in for a normal checkup. After treating the source of your pain, we’ll help you create a long-term plan to keep the rest of your mouth healthy as possible. This could involve treating other smaller areas of decay or simply putting you back onto a six-monthly checkup schedule. Should you need treatment or an elective procedure, we’ll work up a customised care plan. This treatment plan will include the steps involved, therapies offered and fees applicable to each step. You’ll play a key role in co-planning the best route of care for your specific situation.
What Treatment Will I Need?
Depending on the cause of your tooth pain, we’ll typically numb your tooth and drain any visible infection. Antibiotic therapy may be recommended to reduce the source of swelling or infection. From there, we’ll discuss the best treatment option to avoid extracting your tooth (if applicable). For instance, a filling, crown or root canal therapy may be appropriate. In most cases, we will schedule you to come back for treatment at a separate appointment. The goal of your emergency visit is to eliminate and reduce pain until you’re able to return.
Available After Hours
New and existing patients alike are encouraged to contact us immediately about their tooth pain. If our office is still open, we’ll adjust the schedule so that you can be seen as soon as possible. If you’re contacting us after hours, be sure to leave a detailed message. Someone will contact you straight away. Depending on the extent of your emergency we will arrange to meet you up at the office or talk you through what to do next.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

If you have a cavity or chipped tooth, it’s best to treat it straightaway. Delaying care – even if the tooth doesn’t hurt – can allow existing conditions to worsen. In turn, smaller issues compound into bigger ones. What might need a small filling today could evolve into an abscess, requiring a root canal and crown several months later. Not only do treatment delays place you at risk for emergencies, they directly impact the time and monetary investments required to treat them.

Sports mouthguards are another helpful investment for activities that require other protective equipment. A blow to the mouth can be cushioned by a properly-fitting appliance, reducing the chances of a fractured or knocked-out tooth.


Are you in pain? Do you have an abscessed tooth or swelling? Contact us today for same-day emergency dentistry. New patients are always welcome.
Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.