The Best Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

The Best Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

If you have experienced a sharp pain or discomfort in your teeth after biting into a cold treat or sipping a hot beverage – you are not alone!

It is called ‘teeth sensitivity’, also known as ‘dentin hypersensitivity’ which occurs in approximately 1 in 8 adults. This dental condition happens when the protective layer of the teeth (tooth enamel) wears down over time. The sensation can be temporary or lingering, but sometimes other dental conditions like a cavity, damaged tooth or gum disease may trigger sensitivity.

However, there is good news! Most causes of tooth discomfort are easily treatable by a dentist, and therefore seeking professional help is key. Here are some of the best treatments for teeth sensitivity – in general.

Refine your brushing technique

Some believe that if they brush their teeth vigorously, they can finish fast with a good clean. That’s not true! Forceful brushing can damage the enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity and also irritate the gums. If you are experiencing teeth sensitivity, double-check your brushing technique and make sure to follow the correct brushing technique as instructed by your dentist.

Toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth

Another way to fight tooth sensitivity is to use a special toothpaste meant exclusively for sensitive teeth. These special kinds of toothpaste contain minerals and fluoride that support rebuilding and strengthening your tooth enamel.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride treatments are another way to comfort tooth sensitivity as it strengthens tooth enamel via a process called ‘remineralization’. The enamel loss caused by aggressive brushing, decay and other reasons can be reversed via fluoride treatments to restore your teeth to normal.

Other treatments

Depending on the cause of your tooth sensitivity, there are other treatments that may fix the issue. However, to identify this and treat the condition, it is important to seek professional dental help at the earliest.

If you have more concerns about your sensitive teeth, don’t wait. Following a healthy dental regime is important which includes daily brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily.  Do remember that, addressing teeth sensitivity early will help you get it under control soon!