Top 04 Reasons For Tooth Decay & Tips To Prevent It

Top 04 Reasons For Tooth Decay & Tips To Prevent It

Did you know that tooth decay often leads to nasty cavities and other dental issues? But first, what causes tooth decay? The natural bacteria in your mouth along with acid and food particles present in the mouth combine to form a translucent film over your teeth. If left untreated, this layer will start destroying the tooth enamel. This results in tooth deterioration, cavities, and tooth decay.

So, here are the top 04 root causes of tooth decay and ways you can protect your teeth.


One of the most common causes of tooth decay is poor oral hygiene and dental care. It is obvious that you need to brush your teeth twice every day. In fact, it is even better to brush after every meal if you can. Another key element to incorporate into your dental hygiene routine is flossing. This should be done daily and you should rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. Finally, it is best to visit your trusted dentist for regular professional cleanings at least twice a year. This way, your teeth are cleaned and your dentist can detect any other issues at an early stage.


If you grind your teeth constantly, you are more vulnerable to tooth decay. This is due to the reason that, since the grinding action strips away the outer layer of the tooth enamel, this accelerates the chances for tooth decay. Did you know that it is typical for tooth grinders to be unaware that they are doing it since this usually occurs when asleep or stressed? However, to prevent this, you can wear a night guard before falling asleep. But if you grind your teeth due to stress, maybe you should try some relieving exercises like yoga or meditation.


This is very important! Not eating a healthy diet can cause and accelerate tooth decay. If you refrain from foods high in carbohydrates and acid, it will make you less prone to tooth decay. Instead of unhealthy junk food, stick to fresh, healthy foods and drinks like certain fruits (since some fruits contain high sugar levels), vegetables, and lean meats. Following a healthy diet, makes a big difference in preventing tooth decay and protecting your smile.


The mouth’s bacteria thrive on sugar! So, consuming food which contains high levels of sugar (sodas, processed food, and certain fruits) is like adding petrol to the flame. The bacteria in the mouth feed off the sugar and form a film of acid around your teeth. Unlike other dental issues, this can happen moments after consumption and can occur more than once in the same meal. That is the key reason behind brushing your teeth after every meal.


You must never leave tooth decay untreated as it could severely infect your tooth and cause a bad toothache. This may lead to other health complications.

Prevention is better than cure, always!