The 05 Best Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth.

the top 5 best foods

Let’s keep it real! It can be overwhelming to consider all the foods that are harmful to your teeth. Why? It’s usually the delicious foods and drinks that are the bad ones. Well, today it’s about being positive and what’s good for your teeth. Hopefully, some of your favorite foods are on this list!


Cheese, yogurt, and milk are great for your health and especially your teeth. These products help your body to produce more saliva, which protects your teeth. Also, most dairy is very high in calcium and protein. Hence, this helps in strengthening your teeth, muscles, bones, and tissues. Dairy is a must-have in your diet!


Did you know that apples contain lots of water, and fiber and promote good saliva production? That’s why it’s common to end a meal with a hard fruit like an apple. A hard fruit scrapes your teeth and gums and removes plaque. Also, it’s a great snack for preventing different forms of gum disease. Please note that since apples are acidic, ensure to drink water after eating them.


It is known that vegetables have many health benefits for the body. Well, they are beyond great for your teeth too! Fresh vegetables have lots of vitamins and minerals that clean your mouth and strengthen your tooth enamel. Leaves like kale and spinach are high in calcium, folic acid, and B vitamins and are a perfect nutrition addition to your meal.


Carrots are high in fiber and are great for saliva production. They are low in sugar too, which minimizes the growth of bacteria on your teeth. Carrots are ideal for snacking, soups, and roasting and are fortunately high in vitamin A, vitamin B6, biotin, and fiber. Since carrots have a harder texture, they’re great for teeth. Therefore, ensure to include carrots in your diet.  

  • FISH

Fish is great for teeth because of its high protein content. It’s also high in omega-3 and vitamin D. Did you know that Vitamin D is important for your body since it helps with the absorption of calcium? On the other hand, calcium is needed to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Fish is a must if you wish to protect your teeth and happy smile!


Hopefully, some of your favorite foods are on this list! Even if your favorite foods aren’t on this list doesn’t mean you have to stop eating them. Because everything is fine in moderation! If you don’t consume many of these foods on the list, perhaps try to add a few to your diet. Nothing beats a happy and healthy smile!